Prodew's Misting and Humidification Systems:

  • Extend the shelf life of your seafood:
    A customer in the US claims that our system
    extends his shelf life by 1.5-2 days!

  • Are eco-friendly and designed without PVC

  • Save shipping materials and shipping costs

  • Incorporate efficient nozzles for water conservation

  • Are NSF listed (controls, mist track and nozzles)

  • Are manufactured with quality UL & CE approved electrical components

  • Are designed and manufactured to the highest standards

  • Are versatile and can be customized to fit every merchandising style and case layout

Keeping Your Seafood Fresh

Refrigeration causes fish and seafood to lose original color, appearance and - most importantly - weight. You may experience up to 10% weight loss, which can have major implications on the profitability of the shop.

Prodew's misting and humidification systems will help keep your seafood display fresh, enhance appearance and reduce dehydration while extending shelf life and encouraging your customers to become repeat shoppers.

Our humidification systems are ideal for seafood display cases, fish prep rooms and storage.

Seafood Misting

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