Prodew is the leading manufacturer of perishable control equipment for supermarkets and food storage facilities

Prodew offers misting systems for fruit, vegetable and seafood displays, as well as display case humidity systems for produce, meat, seafood, mushroom, delicatessen and flower displays.

Prodew has over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and sales of misting and humidity equipment for the retail and post-harvest industries. We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

Prodew controls more than 80% of the market share in the USA and is the world-leader in the produce misting industry. Look below to discover how we can help your company extend the shelf life of your perishables and maintain the freshness of your products.


  • Prodew does it All!
  • extends shelf life
  • nightcovers for energy conservation and product preservation
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In addition to equipment engineered to extend shelf life and preserve product freshness, Prodew also has the systems you need to combat pathogens

Prodew has the potential game-changing technologies for controlling the spread of pathogens through Prodew's complete surface and air sanitization package with SaniCart™ micro-fog sanitization and ClensAir™ air purifier technologies. These unique technologies are pro-active solutions that can help stop the further spread pathogens in all effected industries.

ClensAir™ to combat pathogens
SaniCart™ to combat pathogens
Aguatronics™ to combat pathogens
CartWash to combat pathogens